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helping coaches, healers, lightworkers and service based businesses to build a wildly impactful and successful business through strong social foundations

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Not sure if your socials are on point? Have you missed something in the set up? 

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do I really need socials?
or a strategy?

Social media is no longer an option for business with today’s consumers passing their time online by checking feeds, tweeting, streaming, chatting and sharing.
Having a strong online presence is a crucial element of your marketing strategy.
However, it is becoming more difficult for brands to stand out as competition increases.

It is important to be aware and keep up with the latest social media management trends so you can clarify your marketing strategy. It’s more important to ensure that the foundations of your social media are set and strong for something to build upon.

Helping You Make an Impact AND Achieve Success

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Are you struggling to combine the bits and pieces of free and paid training into a cohesive action plan?

Are you ready to create and implement the right strategies and structure into your business?

Maybe you'd love to nail your social media presence just to have the energy to serve your clients?

Isn't it time you had the business you always dreamed of?

about me

I know what matters to your small business, because I run a small business too.

Basically Social exists to provide support to you, in a way that works, without needing a big business marketing budget.

I started my social media journey approximately 7 years ago, and a lot has changed in that time. New platforms, platforms that die – quickly or slowly – and others that continue to thrive.

I’ve invested time and money into social media training, not once, but ongoing to keep up to date on changes within the industry.

But while changes are happening EVERYDAY what doesn’t change are the basic foundations.

Im here to help you get those foundations set to build your wildly successful business.


“Sharon recently completed a full audit of my facebook page. She provided me with a written, easy to understand report that outlined what I was doing well and other areas that I could make improvements on.

She even had some other ideas for my business on social media which were awesome!
I highly recommend her to anyone!

Sharon has helped us out on many occasions and is always super efficient and reliable. Highly recommend her.

Sharon is awesome, thanks so much for all your help and wisdom

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Social Media Checkup

Are your socials saying the right things about you? Have you mastered the algorithms to ensure your efforts are not wasted? The Social Media Checkup includes an audit of your socials and a 30 minute strategy session to review. You will also get follow up accountabilty to keep you on track.

It's All About the Challenge

A 12 week online course to create your own social media challenge. You will learn how to take your followers from ‘Who are You?’  to ‘Sign me up Now’.