Sharon Baillie

Lover of all things Social Media

Helping you build an impactful and successful business through being
basically social

Welcome, Im so pleased you’ve found basically social
where the focus is on

smart, simple, strategic

If you are a coach, healer, lightworker or service based business you are in the right place.

Helping You Make an Impact

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Business, But Don’t Know Where to Start?

It starts here.
And it starts now.

Social media is a busy noisy space. Im guessing that up until now you’ve just been winging it with the hope that the right people will show up. Im also guessing that hasnt provided the results you were aiming for and has probably left you feeling a little lost maybe even questioning your own gifts.

Hoping and praying also needs action.
That action needs a plan.
The plan needs strategy.

Who is it for?

Purpose driven

You have been fortunate to discover your passion and purpose but it’s no good if people can’t hear what you are saying, you need to stand out in the busy and noisy online space.

Action Takers

Until you put into action all the information you have gained, then you may as well have not learnt anything.

Who is it NOT for?

Going Solo

If you want to keep doing it on your own googling answers to your questions then this is not the place to be.

Freebie Collectors

If you are content to keep collecting bits and pieces of free information to grow your business and your community, then this is not where you need to be.

my story

When starting my business 9 years ago, I fell into the Virtual Assistant industry. It was a place that satisfied my need for ongoing learning and experimenting with tech and the online space. However, I quickly found the social media space a place for creativity, learning and connecting.

During Covid19, I watched business owners faff and fumble (or even worse hide out) on socials without a strategy and failing to make the impact they were destined to create, I knew it was time to be that guiding light.

I don’t know what you know but I can help you to be basically social.

When I’m not hanging out online I can be found de-stressing on Netflix. My current binge is Shameless while waiting for new episodes of Outlander to drop.
I’m always open to suggestions – what can you recommend?

my values & beliefs

No rags to riches story

Im tired of the over used sales story that says that you can only achieve success if you’ve been in poverty. While I’ve done it tough at times both financially and mentally, I own my story with very few regrets.

Not everyone wants to be hustling all the time

The current sales story implies that hustling for ongoing business growth is the pinnacle of success. Success to you is what’s important not what anyone else tells you it should be. There’ll be no ‘7 figure months’ bs around here.

No cookie cutter business model

Your business should be designed to suit you and ultimately the people you serve. So at basically social you will never be made to feel inadequate because you didn’t do A-B-C.

my approach

I’m sick and tired of the push for content and the hustle of do more in social media.
I am about

  • being smart with time
  • using simple processes
  • being strategic with actions

It’s time to focus on getting the foundations set to build your wildly successful business on.

I am your cheer leader, your accountability buddy and your biz bestie all rolled into one.

meet ally

I first met Ally when I started on my social media journey and she’s been like a team mascot ever since.

Did you know

  • ants are very social creatures
  • they live in communities
  • they show amazing strength
  • they have a purpose
  • they help the environment

Everything you can expect when working with me.

According to spiritual guides, having an ant as your animal totem shows industrious features, it also points towards one’s ability to co-operate with others and working for the better of society, so I can see why Ally joined me at basically social.

Apparently being at one with an ant is like being the guru of patience – something I am hoping she can teach me.

You’ll find Ally crawling across posts and in the oddest places. Keep an eye out.