The topic of quantity and quality came up recently, arising from different ‘experts’ spruking their version of an online business strategy. 

All our lives we hear how quality is better than quantity, that taking the time to do something of high quality will always yield the best results.

We’ve been taught that the quality will always trump quantity.

But what if it’s not a case of either/or?
Does quantity always impact quality?

Disclaimer: When I talk about quality I’m not talking perfection. Waiting for perfection is a waste of everyone’s time.

When it comes to your social media marketing strategy, pick quality.

When delivering your email marketing strategy, pick quality.

And, when it comes to your content marketing strategy, pick quality.

Importantly, when it comes to clients, pick quality.

In the online space, quality says you are proud of the work (effort, information, details) you are putting out there.

I had a similar discussion with my Pilates teacher recently.
10 crunches with great form and positioning, concentrating on activating the correct muscles will always bring about better results than smashing out 30.

But if you can maintain the right controls over your muscles without the fatigue, then 30 reps is going to get better results.

When it comes to socials, quantity will always provide higher reach analytics but without the value, follower numbers will drop.
For email, open rate stats may be impressive but without connection there is no commitment.
When it comes to content the number of blog posts may look great but without the quality of good information and SEO, it’s just noise.  

In many cases, unfortunately quantity equates to less quality.

In our strategy sessions, I strive to create plans for clients that are achievable over the long haul which usually means quantity is less important in the short term but we are always aiming for balance. 

“Excellence comes when we balance quality with quantity.”

― Amit Ray

Full confession, I originally started this blog with the title quality vs quantity and sitting firmly on the quality side, however I understand that it’s not one or the other but rather a balance between what we see as acceptable and what we are capable of when applied to the actions within our business.

How ’bout you?
Where are you on the quality vs quantity pendulum? 

Marketing your small business can be overwhelming, so if you’re not sure about creating a strategy or you want to have a chat and just get some ideas about what would be the best thing for your business, get in touch.