I have been known to lose my sh!t at times and endeavouring to implement mindful practices into my day is very much a Work-In-Progress.

And I definitely struggle to switch off my brain before or after dedicated work times.

But one thing that does work for me is working through to do lists. It’s the best way for me to know and see what needs to be done and priortise it.

So I’m sharing with you some tips I’ve picked up along the way to up scale your productivity levels and make sure you’re getting stuff done.

7 Quick Tips to getting stuff done

in no particular order….

1.  Plan your day preferably at the end of the day – this allows you to switch off as well as ensure you have a productive start to your day. If the end of the day doesn’t work, then plan your day before you get caught up in a never ending inbox

2.  Keep a notepad and pen handy or have a great note taking app on your phone (I use Google Keep) – and stop wasting time trying to remember stuff

3.  Ensure you have 2/3 tasks per day that directly contribute to your goals – cause what’s the point otherwise

4.  Minimise distractions – turn off your email alerts, social media notifications and put your phone on silent 

5.  Use technology for your benefit

6.  Batch and block routine tasks together such as emails, phone calls, social media, newsletters, blog posts and appointments – the same applies for other day to day activities, they’re’ much more likely to happen if they have a set time in your schedule (colour coding wins every time)

7.  Try working to the pomodoro method 25 mins on 5 min break and no more than 3 sessions at a time.

So there you have it – 7 quick tips or hacks to help you create a much more productive business life.

Following on from a recent session with my mastermind members, I’ve created the Save Time – Make Money checklist, a list of 30+ tested time management tactics to improve your productivity and get more of the important – business and life – stuff completed every day. Contact me to get a copy!