Feeling overwhelmed by socials? You’re not alone.

With the many moving parts on each platform its difficult to know where to focus your time.
There’s a lot of content for followers to consume, and they’ll do it in a manner that suits them.

For great results, focus on these 3 types of content.

1. short form, “SNACKABLE” video content

Video content continues to grow in popularity across all platforms. However shorter form video like Instagram Reels and TikTok are standing out. These kinds of content are not very polished and require much less time to produce than other types. Content does not have to be perfect; however, the more you create, the better it will become.

When it comes to your feed, smaller video snippets are ideal. With many consumers watching without sound it’s a good idea to include captions. When it comes to your images and graphics using some simple animations can make all the difference. And for your Stories try to include stickers and gifs to create visual interest. The idea is to keep viewers engaged for longer – the algorithms are ALWAYS monitoring. 

Pro Tip: Experiment with the inbuilt editing features on each platform.  

2. long-form content

Long-form content includes content such as blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts or even Facebook Lives or IGTV. If you can invest time in creating one high-quality piece of content you then have the opportunity to break it down into smaller, snackable content pieces that can be reshared and repurposed across all your profiles. Additionally, you could do other Live sessions talking about items within your topic in more detail and answering questions.

By adding these pieces of value-packed content to your website it can provide many more opportunities through SEO (search engine optimisation).

Pro Tip: Know your keywords for optimal content.

3. shareable & saveable content

Prior to 2021 it was all about the Likes and comments. Now for Facebook the priority is on reactions, comments and shares while on Instagram saves and shares are far more important. In this case, your caption call to actions should be about reminding followers to react/comment/save /share.

For the best results ensure your branding is consistent and where possible include your platform handle or website info.   

Pro Tip: Make your content easy to share.  

What makes great content?

Coming up with viral content isn’t easy so its imperative that you understand your ideal client when creating these 3 types of content for socil media. When you know their frustrations and aspirations you can provide content that ‘speaks’ to them.

Great content may be video tutorials and how-to content. It could be a list of useful tools. Checklists may be what they are searching for. It could be blogs or podcasts that will help your followers with a specific problem they may be experiencing.

As always when creating content review in the EIEIO (entertain, inform, educate, inspire, offer) format. Keeping followers interested and engaged and establishing yourself as a dependable source of quality content is one of the best ways to increase the know, like and trust process.

If you need assistance defining your social media strategy and creating content to match, book a call here.