custom strategy session

designed for you and your business

I need a plan in place

Are you just throwing spaghetti at the wall – and hoping it sticks – when it comes to your social media strategy?
Are you posting random content in the hope of new clients?

Growing your business through social media should be a thought out process to attract, nurture and convert clients.

An audit of your current social platforms

Provides a comprehensive assessment of what is working well and where to improve.

Marketing Plan

A more detailed marketing plan and strategy for building and maintaining your Facebook and/or Instagram account

Tailored hashtags

The Instagram strategy includes 3 x 30 researched hashtags.

Strategy Development

A detailed plan specific to your  business goals. With insight and particular campaign recommendations.


Any resources that will assist you in implementing your new social media strategy will be included.

Helping You Make an Impact

Includes 2 x 60minute 1:1 sessions

With a plan in place you will not only know what you need to do, but why. This plan correlates with your business and social goals. 

Isn’t it about time You made (more) money from Your Business?

Who is it for?

You're already set up on Socials

You have claimed your social media accounts and are posting… occassionally. 

You are losing time

Time disappears everytime you open Facebook or Instagram because you have no idea what to post

You need a detailed plan

With a detailed plan you will be able to execute the required tasks to have the business you have been imagining. 

facebook strategy consult

includes a comprehensive social media market analysis, a platform specific communication strategy, promotion suggestions, content strategy recommendations.


instagram strategy consult

includes a comprehensive analysis, a platform specific communication strategy with hashtag recommendations, promotion suggestions, content strategy recommendations.


comprehensive strategy package

A full package that includes a comprehensive social media market analysis of similar companies, locally and in other regions, and ascertain what’s required for a successful social media campaign to maximise your performance. This advice would include suggestions for short term and long term plans.



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