To overcome marketing overwhelm you need to start with a plan.

When you take control you will increase your brand awareness and attract more leads. Overwhelm disappears with clarity when you understand how to use the online space as a part of your marketing strategy.

Let me share with you 5 steps to map your online presence and overcome the marketing overwhelm. 

Know where your ideal client is online & understand that platform

Time is your greatest asset. There are stacks of different social media platforms, so knowing where your ideal client is narrows down where you need to show up. Once you’re there using the features that platform provides means you’ve got a better chance of being seen.

Facebook is still the leader with 18million active users, spread across all demographics, so showing up on this platform with organic marketing strategies as well as paid advertising is sure to deliver results.

If you are attempting to show up everywhere, not only are you going to be overwhelmed but your ideal client is sure to face confusion and overwhelm as well.

Optimise your profile

You cannot build a successful online strategy without a well-optimised profile.

Invest the time to complete the bio info on your profile on the platform you intend occupying. It’s important that your profile shares information that you would like your prospective clients to know about you. Keep it professional but let pieces of you shine through. It all starts with an audit of your profile – book here.

Develop a consistent look 

If social media was as an online magazine, how would your brand be represented? 

When people find your profile, both personal and business, the first thing they see is the content you have shared or published. If they like what they see, they will follow and engage with you.

A consistent look is not just the colours and fonts you use but the messages you are sharing.

This consistent look removes the overwhelming choices that are on offer.

Build a content plan

Create a content plan that aligns with your value offer. It is important to stand out, so you need to consistently post content that benefits your ideal client AND highlights your authority.

A content plan ensures that you are delivering your message consistently while nurturing prospective clients through their purchasing journey.  

Having and following your content plan ensures there’s no overwhelm and struggling with what to post and when.

Blend everything into your marketing strategy

We need to be marketing consistently to ensure lead generation flows so it’s important to incorporate everything into your marketing strategy.

Too many small businesses struggle with marketing their business and when faced this difficulty, either do too much of the wrong marketing or not enough – all resulting in overwhelm.  If you need help in creating a marketing strategy, get your copy of 30+ Marketing Ideas to jumpstart this process here.

If you’re not sure about how to create a plan or you want to have a chat and just get some ideas about what would be the best thing for your business, get in touch.