The start of a new year offers so many new opportunities, for goal setting, business planning and creating the ideal life – then January happens and somehow we’re still cruising until Australia Day AND smack, all of a sudden it’s February.

Time to get serious ??

We start searching google for content calendars – FYI – I have one right here, creating graphics in Canva like a mofo, publishing and scheduling like an agency professional and just like that we hit the wall. 

Forget putting unrealistic goals in place to find success on social media. Instead, work on getting some systems in place that help make it easier for you to get AND stay consistent and avoid burnout. ?‍?⁠

Start Small

I recommend you set yourself some small social goals to start, like

? post to Stories two times per week. TIP if your IG and FB pages are connected just post to IG and click the share to FB stories. 

? post to your FB or IG timelines two – three times a week. Don’t believe the hype that you need to be posting 3 times a day 7 days a week. There are other things you could (and should) be doing with your life.

? create one reel (or if they are not your thang, one video) a week. Unfortunately (for some of us), these are the content that the platforms favour, so we need to work with the algorithms.

? spend 15 mins morning and afternoon, engaging on the social platforms. This could be in the groups where you hang out (or where your ideal clients hang out) or the people and pages you follow and start being social.

Once you’ve got these small actions rocking you’ll be able to add more effort and energy.

We’re aiming for the #nomoresocialhustle