The Soar Collective 

A Mastermind Membership for connection and support to help you make an impact and (finally) make money in your business.

It is a dynamic, group program designed to give you the energy, inspiration and focus to grow (share) your business (soul gifts).



Access To Our Membership Portal

Here you’ll have access to any and all recorded trainings.

Invite To Our Private Members Facebook Group

This is where you will find support and accountability from your peers.

Quick Start Tour & Welcome Opportunity

Once you join our Private Facebook Group you will get a tour of where to start and what you need to know to get you the fastest results and an opportunity to introduce yourself.

Access to Weekly Content Creation Sessions 

The sessions held via Zoom allow you to schedule regular time to prepare content for your socials, email or blogs. 

Access to Monthly Masterclasses 

This is an opportunity to learn new skills to support you in your business. The hosts will vary with the topics.

Access To Weekly Implementation Sessions

These session are for action by putting into place the recent learnings.

Access to Q&A Sessions

The group is where we will best support you in crushing the strategies inside this Mastermind and the q&a calls are where we can work on specific ideas and challenges.

Hot Seat Sessions

Each month a member has the opportunity to be the centre of attention in our Hot Seat session. With all eyes on you to for ideas, solutions to problems or seek feedback.

Quarterly Goal Setting Session

This is an opportunity to set goals, course correct, gain further accountability and move forward.



The online space constantly changes with new tech and new strategies. For too long we have relied on Google and YouTube to learn what our business needs, without much success.

Being a member of The Collective means you stay up to date.


Without accountability you could be focusing on the wrong thing or more importantly, second guessing yourself and doing nothing.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you regularly make time to work ON your business instead of constantly getting stuck working IN your business.

There’s something very powerful about declaring your intentions to a group.


There may be a lot of people in your life who want to give you advice, but the best advice comes from those who have already successfully done what you are trying to do. By tapping into the experience and skills of others, you’ll find that relevant advice is generously provided whenever you need it.

We function at our full potential with the support of like minded people.


What's a Mastermind

A Mastermind is a group of peers who come together in some regular way to share ideas, support each other and help each other succeed.

It’s like having your very own board of directors.

What's different to other memberships?

Most memberships focus solely on recorded training without regular access, accountability and support.

The Soar Collective is a living, breathing community that gives you personalised ‘on the spot’ solutions to your business problems.

What are the benefits of being a member?

As a business owner, it can often feel like you’re “on your own” – it can be hard to find people you can share your plans, concerns and questions with.

The mastermind group is your like-minded community.

How long will I have access for?

While you continue to pay your monthly membership fee you will have access to the live sessions and any previously recorded sessions. You will have access to the Facebook Group while you are a member.

You can opt-out and cancel your membership at any time. Just provide 15 days notice.

Sharon Baillie is an experienced business mentor and facilitator who brings more than 30 years of expertise in the realm of small business. Her extensive skills and knowledge span across all areas of business, making her a valuable resource for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and support.

Unlike the current narrative that glorifies hustle and busyness as the ultimate indicators of success, Sharon takes a different approach. She firmly believes in the importance of setting the right foundations in every aspect of a business. Rather than chasing relentless activity, she emphasizes the significance of establishing a solid framework that aligns with an individual’s unique goals and aspirations.

Through her mentorship and facilitation, Sharon empowers entrepreneurs to build sustainable and resilient businesses. She encourages her clients to focus on the long-term, emphasising the importance of strategic planning, efficient operations, effective marketing, strong financial management, and nurturing a positive company culture. By establishing a solid foundation and maintaining a balanced approach, Sharon helps her clients create businesses that thrive in the long run, while also aligning with their personal values and aspirations.


The Soar Collective is an online community of business owners that want (expect) more from their life and business.  

Members have goals to meet, budgets to smash, connections to create and money to make.  They are women across various industries growing, learning and collaborating to reach new personal & business milestones.

Regardless of industry, background and experience The Soar Collective is about community and personal & business growth with expert masterclasses, live trainings and social connection.  With access to a hive of knowledge and intimate enough to build authentic professional connections.